Contact Katherine


Skype: katherine.axelsen

MTC Ukrainian Mobile Phone: +380 050-956-8052

Life Ukrainian Mobile Phone: +380 093-282-4281

P.O. Box in Romny: Print out the Ukrainian/English address label below and paste it onto your envelopes. Its uncertain if an address written only in English will make it…

3 thoughts on “Contact Katherine”

  1. hey Katherine! how u doing? Awesome summer pictures! always fun to read your blog — look forward to more this school year!
    sasha (from breno’s econ program in aa)

  2. sasha brodsky said:

    hey Katherine! How was your trip to Russia? heard from Breno that you were going. looking forward to pictures! my good (non-Russian) friend went recently, and she complained a bunch about the food. you’re a veteran by now, but i’m still curious what you thought, esp in comparison to the local ukranian…

    • Hi Sasha, I just saw your comment. I loved the parts of Russia that we visited. I’m just sad we only had time for Moscow and St. Pete. The food was interesting. I love Ukrainian food but the lack of variety gets old quickly. In Russia, I was kinda expecting the same type of food with a Russian twist but was surprised that it was extremely hard to find any traditional food at all. Most of the restaurants were asian or western europe fusion and therefore not much different than the US. My friend and I couldn’t even find a Russian home kitchen place to eat. There were a million schwarma places too! So I guess I can’t say I was impressed by the food in the cities because it didn’t seem any different that what I’m used to and by no means comparable to Ukrainian food. Maybe we just didn’t look hard enough.

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