About Katherine

Hello! My name is Katherine Axelsen and I am the author of this Blog. Thanks for reading!

I recently graduated from the great University of Michigan where I earned a BA in Comparative Religion & English Language and Literature. My studies inspired me to travel the world and gain cultural experience by working abroad. I am now a Volunteer with the Peace Corps as a Secondary Education TEFL Teacher in Ukraine.

When I return to the USA in 2014 I hope to earn a Masters in International Relations & Religion in order to pursue a career working with interfaith education, religious freedom & human rights.

I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where my Father and Mother still work and live. My brother Daniel, is all grown up and works in San Francisco, California. Breno, my wonderful boyfriend, is earning his PhD at the University of Michigan.

My family climbing the Great Wall of China

Breno & I

2 thoughts on “About Katherine”

  1. Alina Borodulya said:

    I hope you like Ukraine and our little, nice town -Romny)))))) I like you photos very much)))) Kate, you’re a Great traveller))))))

  2. Tanja Ragonesi said:

    Hi Katherine! I just found your amazing blog! Hope you don’t mind me stalking you. I was on the internet trying (in vain…) to find a website that will miraculously give me information on suitable accomodations in Romny. I wish the hotels there had websites, and it seems the great rentals you can find so easily in places like Kiev are just not available in Romny. My Ukrainian friend Tatiana keeps giggling when I talk about my upcoming trip, she says I’m in for a shock. I keep reminding her that I grew up in a third world country (Zimbabwe) and that I can handle just about anything, but my ideal living situation while away from my friends would include wifi 🙂 I can’t not see them daily….if you hear of anyone with a spare bedroom near the orphanage please let me know. Thanks so much. Can’t wait to hang out with you! I want to find some pepper vodka and see what all the fuss is about!

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