Dear Readers,

Thanks for all your attention, support and comments these past 2+ years. This blog as been an tremendous way for me to share my journey through Peace Corps with you as well as document my own thoughts for the future.

As you probably know, I’m back in the States now. The past few months have been filled with a variety of emotions: excitement to be home, sadness over the current political situation in Ukraine and nervousness over the next phase of my life. I’ve busied myself with bi-weekly Russian lessons via Skype with my tutor back in Ukraine, a daily personal study of Portuguese (so I can talk to Breno’s family when I visit Brazil) and training for a private pilot license with my father. Flying has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid, so I am beyond excited that my father and I can work together on it this year. In August, Breno and I plan to move to Washington D.C. where he will work as a research associate for the Urban Institute. Although I don’t have a job lined up at this time, I’m confident that I will find something soon. However, if you know of any positions in an organization that specializes in International Development and Human Rights…shoot me their name!

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be tying some loose ends within my blog by publishing posts about events, thoughts and points of interest that I did not post in real time. Most of them include descriptions of my proudest achievements during Peace Corps service of which I didn’t know how to put into words at the time. Of course, I’ll also write about how it all ended. I’m sorry for the massive delay and holes in my story. Bear with me and keep in mind during the confusing timeline of posts that the posts will be published with a date that marks its spot in the actual chronological order of my whole Peace Corps story, not its date of publication.

Again, thanks for all your love and support!