My world was turned on its head today when I woke up and didn’t shiver. I was confused at first but than I walked over to my heater and sure enough, it was on…not warm, but on. FINALLY!

For the past couple weeks its been unusually cold in Ukraine. Last Saturday it even snowed in the Oblast but since my heat is controlled by the local administration, I had no power to turn it on or off (We’ve even been shivering in the schools as we teach our lessons wearing winter jackets and drinking hot tea at every break – the cement building style makes it even colder inside than out). And hence, the scheduled date of October 15th radiated from my calendar as the day the administration would turn on the heat and the day I would wake up not shivering. Thankfully, christmas has come early.

Photo on 2013-10-03 at 15.38 #2

How it feels to sit indoors on October 3 in Romny, Ukraine

But of course, my usual pace in Ukraine is one step forward and two steps backwards. Although I got some heat earlier than expected, my hot water heater has decided to be temperamental and stop working. So, bucket baths it is until I find someone to fix it or we wait long enough that the problem (me) disappears.