Today was a great day. The morning started with my two ICS project classes of 11th and 10th formers. Our topic was Chinese food. At first we discussed common Chinese food and then moved to the strange stuff. I throughly grossed them out, but at least food topics always get their attention. Naturally, I ended the class by having them taste a strange American food…PEANUT BUTTER! Many of them had heard of this favorite American childhood food from the movies, but none of them had tasted it. It is also very hard to to buy in Ukraine as only a few large stores in the capital carry it. The kids loved it and really enjoyed the lesson.

The school day ended with English Club, celebrated in Halloween style. Lesia and I had been planning a holiday party for weeks and after several postponements it finally happened. I took over the 5A classroom, decorated and created four activity corners: apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, face painting and mask making. In addition, I walked around the room with a backpack of candy and a bag of tasks the kids had to do in order to get candy (trick or treat). Last but not least, we had a mummy making contest and race. We made over 10 mummies and ended the celebration with a mass explosion of toilet paper all over the room. The kids loved it and I had a great time as well.

Here are some photo highlights:

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