The first night of fall break, I had the opportunity to facilitate a Skype conversation between about 30 of my students, colleagues, school director and a University of Michigan class we are working with on the Earth Odyssey simulation of the University’s education department’s Interactive Communications & Simulations. Since the start of the simulation in September, all our work has been done online and the students have only communicated via usernames on a private website created for the simulation. Through Skype, we were able to introduce ourselves face-to-face, have real time conversations and best of all, laugh together. It was an awesome experience for me to be a part of and my kids were ecstatic. Some of my girls even dressed in traditional Ukrainian clothes and sang a traditional Ukrainian song.

When we returned from fall break, I asked my students what was their favorite part of the Skype conversation. After exclaiming, “That Americans drink 8 cups of coffee every day”, they simply said, “It was cool because we could speak in English to English speakers and they could understand us! Our studies worked!” This put a huge smile on my face that I don’t think will be gone soon 🙂

Here are two photos from the event. The first is of the University class and the second is my classroom on a computer in Michigan!

Awesome group of ICS at UMich

My students, colleagues, director and I on a computer in Michigan with ICS!