Is it really August? Were has the summer gone? I’ve only been home for a total of two weeks since school ended but it has been great. Internet access and free time have both been scarce and I haven’t had any opportunities to update you all on my adventures, so here is a brief synopsis of my past few months and plans for August.


  • Week 1: Close of the school year, project planning with fellow teachers, 11th form exams.
  • Week 2: Leader at English Language Immersion Camp for secondary school kids in Kremenchug
  • Week 3: Leader at Teacher Training Camp in Kremenchug
  • Week 4: Leader at English Language camp for Young learners in Kremenchug


  • Week 1: School maintenance in Romny, 4th of July Celebrations, Elton John/Queen AIDS benefit concert, Euro Cup Final match in Kyiv, Romny Dance Camp
  • Week 2: Turkey with parents and brother
  • Week 3: Turkey with the family, Russian Language Camp
  • Week 4: Camp ABC in Kharkov


  • Week 1: Camp ABC in Kharkov
  • Week 2: Greece with Breno
  • Week 3: Greece with Breno
  • Week 4: Ukraine with Breno

There you have it, my excuses for being MIA. I’ve missed Romny a lot throughout these months and I am sad I wasn’t able to spend more time with my friends there. Thankfully, I have another whole year of service.

I’ll post more details and photos of my adventures when my life returns to normal in September. Now, I’m off to meet Breno for the first time in one year!Ā I don’t think I can describe my excitement šŸ™‚