It’s four o’clock in the morning. You’ve been standing outside the church for three hours beacuse it is too crowned to stand inside. A circle, five people deep, has gathered around the church. Each person clutches a basket filled with delicious meats, colored eggs, candy, cheese and beautiful little cakes. You’ve spent the last week cooking, cleaning and preparing for this day. You haven’t eaten for two days. It’s cold, but everybody has a big smile on their face. Finially, the time has come and everybody lights a small candle in their basket. A priest emerges and twice circles the church followed by a choir and people of the community. On his third lap, he slows and approaches everybody in the circle with a tassel doused in water. He splashes it on the people and their baskets of food. A chorus of христос воскрес and воистино воскрес follows. Some laughter escapes from those who got splashed in the face. The food, officially blessed, is now ready to be eaten. It’s five in the morning and the feast begins. It’s Easter in Ukraine. 

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