Huge snowfalls and poorly plowed roads do not close schools in Ukraine. Instead, schools close when it is too cold. If the temperature is below -20°C (-4°F) the primary school is closed (grades 1-4) and if the temperature is below -25°C, (-13°F) the secondary school is closed (grades 5-11). However, it turns out that school is never canceled for the teachers unless the government decides not to pay them. Such was the case this week. Today, both the primary and secondary schools were closed, but the teachers still showed up. Tomorrow, the government has decided not to pay any teachers so it is a true ‘cold day’ for all!

I plan on spending the day warming up with Tony Horton or under my comforter sipping hot chocolate and watching The Tudors.

**Read more about the Ukrainian winter in the Kyiv Post: Over 60 dead in Eastern Europe, another 500 treated for frostbite and cold-related ailments.