Drumroll……for the next two years i’ll be living in ROMNY, UKRAINE! (Ромны)

My new home

Romny is a small city with a population of about 50,000 that was founded in 902 AD – its is over 1,100 years old!! I will be working in a specialized school of 800 kids and teaching the four oldest grades (8-11). This means my kids will have a higher level of English than the average Ukrainian. I might even be able to start an extra course on English literature or Country Studies. Romny is also only three hours away from Kyinka, where I have lived for the past three months of training, which means I can go back and visit my host family on a regular basis. I am also thrilled that my BFFs Lauren and Sarah were placed only four hours south in a city to which I have a direct train route.

Tomorrow I leave Kyinka and travel to the capital to swear in as an official peace corps volunteer! I can’t believe the past three months have flown by so fast. We have just started to feel at home, build relationships, and learn the area and now we have to get up and do it all over again.

A friend took us to the philharmonic concert in Chernihiv. Two hours of traditional Ukrainian singing and dancing. The men love to show off what we nicknamed "Ukrainian breakdancing" - shown above by the men in blue

My host mother and I

I am very sad to leave my host family. They have been amazing and taken great care of me. I truly feel that I have a second family here in Ukraine and if I ever get into trouble they will be there to help me on a moments notice. This past Saturday, my cluster rented out my family’s sauna/bar and threw a party for all our families. It was the perfect way to say goodbye and thank you for opening their homes to us for the past three months. I can’t wait to come back and visit. I am also very sad to leave my cluster mates. Through all our ups and downs they have been a great group of people and I know we have made friends for life.

I'll miss seeing these girls every day