Three weeks ago the zipper of my boots busted. I was very upset this happened so soon into my service, mainly because I knew I didn’t have the Russian vocabulary to find a repair shop and get them fixed. However, long story short, I figured it out and have since been back to the shop to help my friends fix their shoes. I’ve even made friends with the repair man who is very patient and helpful with our Russian and has helped us find many other things we needed about the city. He was also very excited that we were peace corps volunteers and told us how much he appreciated having a volunteer in his Villiage a few years back.

Now, I am very grateful I had this experience because I have a bigger and more difficult challenge awaiting me….how to fix my MacBook. Its a simple problem, the backlight of the monitor burnt out, but I am not sure where to start looking for a repair store. In the states I would simply drive to the Mac store and send it away for a week, but Macs are as unpopular in Ukraine as high heels on dirt roads are in America. There is only one store in the capital of Ukraine that sells Mac products, but since it is not a legitimate apple store there is no help bar. I guess I will have to hope I can find a PC repair man who can repair it before I move to my site next week. My host brother made a few calls this morning and seems to know somebody who knows somebody (typical manner of solving problems in Ukraine) that we can go visit later today, so I will see how that goes…

Until I overcome this next adventure, I might be slightly MIA, but you can always Skype my cell phone at (country code 38) 0932824281.

Other exciting things in my life right now:

I find out my permanent site in only five days!! And Breno turns 28 that same day! This Thursday I have a language proficiency exam and will find out how much Russian I’ve actually learned.